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the persistence of impossible things


digital collage & painting, mixed media composition

NFT – 1/50

special drop to commemorate the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

by @semiotac

about this work

17 May is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

To commemorate this day, Semiotac has released a Special NFT Drop.

Sadly, the reality is that it is still illegal to be gay in many African countries, and loving in the way you choose to love is a criminal offense that can lead to prison time. Or worse. Many LGBTI Africans are forced into exile from their home countries – fleeing from the oppression, discrimination, bigotry, and prejudice that threatens their lives. They need our support.

make a difference is an LGBTI refugee organisation that supports LGBTI asylum seekers in Africa. In support of this community, 50% of the proceeds of all primary sales of this Special Drop NFT will be donated to Passop.

Normally, Semiotac would be hard pressed to release an NFT that is anything but a 1/1. But to support this cause, Semiotac has minted ‘The Persistence of Impossible Things’ as a 1/50. There will be 50 NFTs of this work available for purchase on @VoiceHQ is a carbon neutral NFT platform that sells #cleannfts. You can pay with your credit card and you don’t need crypto.

what you'll get

Purchase THE PERSISTENCE OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS NFT and you will receive a full size 28.5 x 35.7cm / 11.2 x 14 inch PNG digital file of the artwork for printing & display. Take the file down to your local professional printer, print on canvas or frame it, hang it up, make your space pretty.


Purchase the NFT and you will also receive an Instagram post size (1080 x 1350px) PNG version for sharing on your socials so that you can brag about your new artwork.


You will also receive a Profile Pic size (1080 x 1080px), round with transparent background PNG version of the artwork to use as your profile pic on Twitface, or Tokgram.


the persistence of impossible things

about the artist

Semiotac (pseudonym) is Julie Reid; an interdisciplinary surrealist digital media artist. She combines traditional image making techniques with digital software, creating works through collage, stenciling, photography, and digital painting.


Julie holds an Honours degree in Fine Arts, a Master’s degree in Visual Communication, and a PhD in Communication, with a specialisation in semiotics. When not making art, she works as an academic and is a Professor of Communication Science.

This website contains a portfolio of semi-curated works, organized primarily into portraiture collections.

For an un-curated portfolio, including experimental works, follow Julie on Instagram and on Twitter @Semiotac.

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